saw someone checking you out? noticed someone intriguing? not brave enough to say hello, make a move, ask for a number, or confess your love?

spotted on bruin walk is where ucla bruins can post missed connections that occurred on campus or in the surrounding areas. who knows what will happen...

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freckled, pretty bcaf worker

I saw you Monday morning, you took my bcaf order and you looked very pretty. To top it off, we walked past each other while I was on my way to my room at CP. I don't think you live in the same house, but you smiled very cutely when we walked by. I had a black tee with a blue logo on it and my hat in my hand. Hope to see you again soon cause you look amazing

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Vivian @ Curbside

You usually work around ~10-11 in the mornings. You have the cutest and sweetest smile that always brightens my day! Hope to see you around more :)

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Posted 2468 days ago  •  

Kara from Rende

You're sensational. You can take my order anytime. The way you swipe people's bruincards gets me hot and bothered. See you tomorrow for an asian combo.

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Posted 2469 days ago  •  

Supreme Sticker

To the girl that asked to share my table/scared the shit out of me: you can crash my table anytime :)

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Posted 2472 days ago  •  

Short fit brunette girl

ive seen you a couple of times when I've been swiped in a b plate so I think you live on the hill. I saw you on the corner by CPK last week and we smiled at each other. You were with a friend so I didn't want to ask for your number. You're just really cute and I wouldn't mind at least getting to know you a little maybe take you on a date and see how it goes. Hopefully you remember the CPK night because that's the only way I think you will have any idea who this is :(

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Posted 2475 days ago  •  

Jackie Li

Jackie Li.  What a hottie.  I want you girl.

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Bruin Life photo studio, April 9th

As awkward as taking senior grad photos can be, your reassuring words in the Bruin Life "waiting room" really put me at ease. Thanks again for the kindness, stranger; hopefully I'll have a couple more words to give back if we cross paths again!

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girl working at De Neve front desk

You're cute, haha, even at 11 at night you patiently smile and bother to chit chat. Maybe we can get the rende quesadilla together sometimes haha

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EEB 162 Cute Asian

To asian girl leaving my friend's EEB 162 Discussion at 1PM, you are incredibly cute. You were one of the last ones to leave? Hope I run into you again!

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Dude with blue hat saw cute latin girl

I was walking up from class on the N side of campus and walked right past you. You wore brown boots, blue jeans, maybe a light tan shirt. No glasses, brunette, great smile. I walked up the covel steps, grabbed a smoothie at b-caf only to look up while waiting for my order to see that you had stepped in to grab a smoothie too. You stood for a bit until you walked over and sat a seat beside me. We waited for the drinks, you got yours a split second behind mine and glanced over at me before you grabbed yours. I wore a white button up, blue hat, blue jeans, black shoes.

You ended up walking out first towards the death stairs & you looked Latin so :)

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