saw someone checking you out? noticed someone intriguing? not brave enough to say hello, make a move, ask for a number, or confess your love?

spotted on bruin walk is where ucla bruins can post missed connections that occurred on campus or in the surrounding areas. who knows what will happen...

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Fine Asian Man

Thanks for the Battle Royale flyer, I had to take it because you were too good-looking to pass up.  Hope you had a wonderful day. :)

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Tall Male Indian Student

You are in my discussion for MCDB 144 spring 2015. You are the tallest male indian student in my class. 

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liya oster

she is hoottttt and in my classs

i want herrrr

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Andrea in Spanish Class

I see you in Spanish class every day, and your beautiful face makes sitting through that boring lecture facíl. So, gracias.

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Victoria Kay

Hey Victoria Kay

I wanna be your bae

I saw you walking towards chipotle

Next time ill pay

But today, I was heading out

Should have given you a shout out

I can go In n out

Got a GMO free burrito

You so GMO pretty tho

I looked you up on Facebook

But I want you at MySpace

So email me at bwalkspotted@gmail.com

And we can watch a rom com

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blueberry girl

To the beautiful girl wearing a purple dress and eating blueberries as she walked to get evening class, I just wanted to say you are the most adorable woman and the smile you flashed when we almost crashed is still sick in my mind. 

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cute cacn guy

tall cute guy in a black jacket with beautiful hair <3. only saw him for a second at curtain call, whats his name???

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Asian Girl getting Rednez

You were wearing the shortest yellow checkered shorts and I couldn't help but stare. You were stunning to say the least plus your body will killing. Id love to see you around again. Hopefully wearing those shorts!

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