saw someone checking you out? noticed someone intriguing? not brave enough to say hello, make a move, ask for a number, or confess your love?

spotted on bruin walk is where ucla bruins can post missed connections that occurred on campus or in the surrounding areas. who knows what will happen...

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Cafe 1919 Student Employee

To the gentleman working behind the Cafe 1919 gelato counter in the evening on 1/27/15, 

Just wanted to let you know that you are handsome and have a wonderful smile :) 

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Stephanie: You're pretty. Like, very pretty. I would talk to you but i know i'm not your type. Good thing we're not friends because it would probably make me like you more and i don't want to... its confusing. I like seeing you around, i hope that doesnt sound creepy. Innocent small crush. Just a compliment. Have a good day. 

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Plant guy from last night

I was actually going to help you make more of those plant jars but I can't remember where you live. Just wanted you to know otherwise I would have helped you today.

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Thanks for watching my stuff

You were with your friend at Sproul Landing, and I asked you to watch my stuff "real quick."
I actually went down to Ackerman to find my lost canteen, and when I came back your friend had already left. You left shortly after. Now I know why you were a bit hesitant on watching my stuff. I really appreciate your consideration, though. The world needs more people like you.

You keep doing you, girl

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Girls Singing Outside Royce

Shoutout to the four girls singing Christmas carols outside Royce tonight. You sounded beautiful. Thank you for bringing the holiday spirit to tenth week. Good luck on finals and merry Christmas!

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I'm trying to talk to you;)

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Liset ('HC' b/c DL reasons)

The holidays have me thinking about you and your warm presence and your wonderful, intimate hugs. In case you forgot, here is one of the anonymous letters I wrote for you last year: Dear Liset Contreras, The first time I ever saw you I thought you were insanely beautiful. Like the kind of beautiful where if I saw you walking out in public somewhere and I didn't know you already I would have complimented you right there and then, but I never did when we met because I'm really shy. You are a very friendly and outgoing person who lit up my day every time we talked. I got to know you better, and I love the kind of person you are. You really care about your family and friends. You would do a lot for them. You're involved in a lot and love traveling and outdoor activities. You are very hard-working, intelligent, kind, caring, and selfless. Not to mention, you are skilled at many things, from baking to basketball to dancing. You really want to make a difference in the world and help others. You are an excellent student, feminist, political activist, and individual overall. You are an intelligent, compassionate person who is successful in all that you do. You are also a very nice, fun, happy, optimistic person. You have a really beautiful, strong personality. You are warm-hearted and nice and sweet to everyone you meet, even if they're complete jerks. You're a great person and everyone says you're totally cool. You are a sweet-heart when you need to be but are really aggressively passionate and adamant about issues that concern you. I really love all that about you. I love everything about you. I love the swift, light-footed way you walk. I love the way you tilt your head sideways when you laugh and how your long, beautiful, flawless hair falls perfectly to one side when you do so. I love your voice, your laugh, your smile. I love the sparkle in your big beautiful, shining brown eyes. It's like I can see the passion and warmth in your heart through the sparkle in your eyes. I love your lovely kissable lips, very beautiful face that is like artwork to me, and hot, athletic body. In Benny Benassi's words, you are a cinema, I could watch you forever. You're absolutely gorgeous inside and out. My heart drops and I get butterflies whenever I see you. I want to study with you, take you on a date to a romantic camping place or amusement park, go to parties with you, introduce you to my loved ones, talk with you for hours, take you in my arms and cuddle with you, run my fingers through your long beautiful hair, stare into your eyes, and kiss your strawberry-glossed flavored lips as we come closer and your arms wrap around me and I embrace you. We were friends last year by the way. But we aren't anymore for whatever reason. I guess you got really busy, but it seems like you talk to everyone else still. Whenever we see each other and you say hi and then walk away, I wish you could just read my true emotions under the fake smile wear. I can't seem to get this sad melody out of my heart. Since last school year, I have really fallen for you. I think more for you than for any other girl I have ever liked in my entire life. This is more like love. Signed, Me(that ordinary person) to you-the extraordinary beautiful, amazing girl that I'm in love with. Signed, Hopeless Romantic I'm sorry I got mad at you that one time:( like I said before:( I still dont know if you did actually ever have feelings for me too like I suspected. Letz be honest though. How deep was your love? You know who I am... See you next quarter. ;-)

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Liset "Aka H."

I still like you. You're the only one I ever found myself crushing on at UCLA. Now you, my ex-best friend who was like family to me, and everybody else are all against me because I'm "weird" b/c of that big Christmas gift I gave you last year that my ex-best friend told everybody about.

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I Have Seen the Future

Hey, you. That's right, you. Rendezvous. Thursday evening. I was watching from afar, and you, well...


You were rocking a gaming headset in line for Asian combo. All I can say is, damn. The future is now, and you're leading the way. Can't wait for the trend to catch on. #Dreaming

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Pingas, I love you

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