saw someone checking you out? noticed someone intriguing? not brave enough to say hello, make a move, ask for a number, or confess your love?

spotted on bruin walk is where ucla bruins can post missed connections that occurred on campus or in the surrounding areas. who knows what will happen...

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President of Theta

Is she taken? I would love to tap that, but idk how loose she is.

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Saw you along Gayley

You were a blonde, holding hands with your other female friend. We gazed at each other as you both passed along. I was too shy to say anything because your friend might have gotten jealous.

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We talked about your interest in law and I felt

a deep connection with you. You told me you were 

single and interning right now at a law firm. Once you mentioned your Hispanic side I felt fire in the way you held my hand and rubbed my back. 

Kisses so firm.

So sad to hear you are done this year at UCLA. I really enjoyed our mathematics convos. Don't forget me!

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Asian girl with red shirt, high waisted shorts

We passed by each other, you going towards the Court of Sciences and me going towards Powell. You smiled but it was too fast so I didn't smile back haha, my bad! 

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Nakano MCDB 144 Britt Spears Video

I want a piece of you Rojan

N _ _ I N     _ _ N _ _ _ _ _I

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Motorcycle Babe (Something Xavier...?)

Tall thin brown haired chick with a thick ass. A few weeks ago I was walking and saw a chick on a street bike zip passed me around 1/2am. Luckily I caught you taking off that helmet letting down those sexy brown waves and recognized your face as you strutted away. I've only really seen you passing out flyers on bruinwalk before the other night, you were wearing a sweater with your name on the front but only could read the last name before you left the library. Maybe you'll see this and take me for a ride instead ; )

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The little hottie singing on bruinwalk

To the girl I saw walking down bruinwalk belting out hot tunes with the luscious curly locks. Your booty is bumping and I'm in love.

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Beautiful Hapa(?) at Ralphs

You have the strangest taste in wine. Manischewitz, really? Who drinks that unironically? But you looked so cute and determined walking up and down the wine aisles looking. Your boyfriend is a lucky guy and I'm glad he found you your wine.

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White Dress Scientist

This was a few days ago, but I learned about Spotted only today. So it was Tuesday at the poster session. I think it was the last one. In the craze of all commotion at the poster session. After going to cheer my roommate on at his poster, I saw this beautiful woman in a white business dress. She at the section closer to the windows but the last one before the aisle between the sections.

                At the times she was presenting to a group of people about her project. I pretended to listen as if I knew anything about microbiology and cholesterol. She pointed to some chart and she turned to look at the group and she gave me a nice little smile. We made eye contact and I blushed. She was very intelligent and articulate when she explained herself. Even though she only had what was called “negative data”, she did a great job defending her research, which I think is very important to pursue. She had this soft voice, which would overcome the chaos of the room, that put you at ease and warm your heart.

                 Once she was done with her presentation, I gave her a smile, and she gave one right back. In my nervousness, I immediately left. I told my friend about her later on about how wonderful she was but I didn’t get to talk to her or even catch her name. Then my friends told me that, “it was on the poster!” I fell awful knowing that I didn’t talk to her. Help please.

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Presenting your poster

It was at Powell Library on Wednesday, May 13th. A beautiful Asian girl (possibly mix), you were wearing a white skirt with some design on it. You were one of several poster presenters. I wanted to approach you, but you rolled up your poster and left a little early. Hopefully our paths will cross again. 

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