saw someone checking you out? noticed someone intriguing? not brave enough to say hello, make a move, ask for a number, or confess your love?

spotted on bruin walk is where ucla bruins can post missed connections that occurred on campus or in the surrounding areas. who knows what will happen...

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Emily Yi

I think you are amazingly evovled -

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Aaliya Khan

You're a really cool person. You were always super nice to me in class. And you had good ideas. I'm kind of upset you aren't our new general representative.

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Keni Lasitani

DAMN. Nh but I really admire your fitness. I almost envy you. How'd you get a body like that? Sincerely, a fellow Cpo person.

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You made me mixed CD's

If this means anything. Miss ya and still love ya...and I still listen to your mixed CD's. 

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Flute player in Delta Terrace

Your music is so beautiful and made my afternoon.

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Phi Delt & Phi Rho Rekindling Part II

Spotted: "Red giving up an awesome, beautiful, intelligent girl by being a completely idiodic douchebag" round 2 

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Hottie at Sunset 3.14.15

You walked over with nothing but black basketball shorts with a red vertical stripe to have a drink at the fountain. I thought you were leaving, however, when I turned around you were in a super tiny cute blue speedo. When you jumped in I was hoping they would come off and your rosy cheeks would get even rosier. I don't know if you swing this way(I'm gay) but I was a few lanes away gawking at you.

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2 Sproul Fire Alarms

Shoutut to the RA at the awkward steps for being cute and friendly during both alarms and holding the doors open afterwards. I really appreciate that you don't fall into the powertrip RA thing and that you actually talk to people around the building even though you don't have to. I don't know you but I wouldn't mind getting stuck in an elevator together. #whatshername

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Spotted on Bruinwalk

I saw you near the bear statue you looked so interested in it. I wish you were as interested in me. But I could tell that you belonged to another, your leather collar betrayed your alligience. I sat down and shared some of my food with you. You looked so happy. I put my hands out to stroke your face, but by then you had moved on. 

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Banner After My Own Heart

You stopped me in my tracks as I was walking up Bruinwalk today. 
There I was, walking to class, minding my own business, when BAM. There you were. Suspended over Bruinwalk in all your Blue and Gold glory. You were waving in the wind, and I don't know if you noticed me, but I sure noticed you.
cru @ UCLA. I don't know much about you, but you can bet imma check you out more Wednesday at 8pm. xoxo

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