saw someone checking you out? noticed someone intriguing? not brave enough to say hello, make a move, ask for a number, or confess your love?

spotted on bruin walk is where ucla bruins can post missed connections that occurred on campus or in the surrounding areas. who knows what will happen...

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De Neve Front Desk Brad Pitt

You look like Brad Pitt, and your face is so perfect I didn't even remember to look at your shirt to see if you had a nametag. I completely overreacted when you told me about the guest meal swipes because I wasn't paying attention...your face is so distracting! :) 

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Posted 2432 days ago  •  

Tim Stickles

You're one of the most handsomest guys i've ever laid my eyes on. Have a great summer 

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Posted 2531 days ago  •  

Evan Omo

To others all I say is Oh No
Boy you drive me loco
When I see you it hits me like a lobo...tomy

Ok that last one didn't work out... I can't help it if you're literally the only thing perfect in this world.

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Posted 2533 days ago  •  

Michael Marcial

I've seen you at the gym way too often; we'd make such a hot couple. Plus I heard you're in Biomed Literature Society - that makes you even more attractive. 

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Posted 2536 days ago  •  

szilard gyaley

i would date you because we both have personality, culture, activites, and plenty of diverse interests, and we are similiar and different, please hit me up, you know who i am, we would 

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Posted 2537 days ago  •  

Tea Leaf 6/4 Afternoon

To the beautiful studious lad at Tea Leaf that I almost died asking for an iPhone charger from.. Please tell me you're single and wanna maybe mingle x)

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Posted 2538 days ago  •  

To the man at the Humanities 2nd floor library

You're gorgeous. Stay gorgeous, boo

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Posted 2539 days ago  •  

Post office asian guy :)

You were wearing a black T-shirt and I helped you figure out the costs/speed of sending a letter to Japan. Too bad I wasn't able to help you after you finished writing your addresses and stuff... This is kind of embarrassing but I thought you were really cute!

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Posted 2540 days ago  •  

To the sweet guy who said hi

As I was walking between kerckhoff and MS. You stopped me in my tracks and told me I was the cutest girl you saw today. You were so nice about it, and your words made my (very long) day. Thanks for the compliment, you had a pretty cute smile yourself!

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Posted 2547 days ago  •  


We talked about your interest in law and I felt

a deep connection with you. You told me you were 

single and interning right now at a law firm. Once you mentioned your Hispanic side I felt fire in the way you held my hand and rubbed my back. 

Kisses so firm.

So sad to hear you are done this year at UCLA. I really enjoyed our mathematics convos. Don't forget me!

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