saw someone checking you out? noticed someone intriguing? not brave enough to say hello, make a move, ask for a number, or confess your love?

spotted on bruin walk is where ucla bruins can post missed connections that occurred on campus or in the surrounding areas. who knows what will happen...

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About Spotted on Bruin Walk

What is Spotted on Bruin Walk?

Spotted is a website where UCLA Bruins can anonymously post missed connections.

Who made Spotted on Bruin Walk, and who runs it?

Spotted was made by a UCLA student and is entirely run by UCLA students. Bruins moderate submissions, tweet, keep the Facebook page up-to-date, and market the site.

If I submitted a spotting, how do people respond to me?

When you submit a missed connection, Spotted on Bruin Walk does not keep your name or email address. People who want to respond to you can do so in the comments section.

I can haz advertisements?

Yes you can — shoot us an email if you want to advertise your campus group or upcoming event on our site!

Where can I contact you?

You can email Spotted on Bruin Walk at SpottedonBruinWalk@gmail.com — that was easy, right?