saw someone checking you out? noticed someone intriguing? not brave enough to say hello, make a move, ask for a number, or confess your love?

spotted on bruin walk is where ucla bruins can post missed connections that occurred on campus or in the surrounding areas. who knows what will happen...

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Hottie at Wooden

Dark tall and handsome guy at Wooden on the daily. Definitely look older and probably go to grad school. I've just been admiring from afar. 

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Culture night

Organizer of culture night this past friday natasha you are gorgrous as hell. i died after seeing you and you are such a nice person. i wish i got to hang out with you more, you seemed busy and running around that day. hope we get a chance to hang out soon!

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Hannah X

Oh Hannah X

Seeing you makes me a mess

Big brown eyes

Body I cannot deny


You rock that PAC highlighter

Seeing you in that makes my pants much tighter

And you in those Duty Blues?

You make being a RA much mess “uncool”

Write me up anytime babe <3

But alas…

My heartbreak is now a huge mess…

You walk with a friend in the hallway

After I’ve been thinking of you all day

You’re talking about “your boyfriend” to him


I’m sure I’m more of a man

But until the day miss Hannah X…

Then you’ll be mine next!

(See you at Dance Marathon, anticipating those incredible 26hours with you <3)

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Guy with glasses and body tattoos

I had seen you around campus from time to time. I really like your tattoos! They definitely mesh well with your toned arms :)

Too bad you're prob younger cus you live in de neve quad (or I just happened by and saw u walking with your friend towards that direction). 

Anyways, good luck on ur finals!


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music building holla at me

Cutie asian booty always sitting in the schoenberg lobby reading or listening to music on tuesdays and thursdays. i wanna say hi but boy you fine and might already have a boyfriend

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Kyle Stewart?

It was like a dream, like a dream a person could only dream to have. I thought I recognized you the other night in YRL, Wednesday was it? You worked so intently I couldn't help but stare until I could stare no longer. And then it hit me, tumblr: the first time I saw your beautiful face was on a tumblr. Can I just say the zoomed in pictures don't do you justice, you are so much better looking in person. Until next time you god...

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Free Hugs Giver in Bruin Plaza 11/20

You were wearing a bow tie and holding a "Free Hugs" sign at Bruin Plaza at 4:30. I was having a bad week and you totally made my day :)

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Too hot for Physics

You're in my quantum mechanics class with Hudson, and you always sit towards the back of the class. I tried to take a sneak peak at your midterm to see your name when we were getting them back, but i only got to see your grade, which was surprisingly better than mine. I never thought that I would ever see a physics major who is that good looking. Hopefully one day you'll notice me, or I'll find the courage to come talk to you! Oh, and I think you're in a fraternity. 

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Swimmer at the Pool

You were in the orange suit. You were pacing 50's on 35 and 100's on the 1:10. Maybe you were prepping for middle distance, but little did you know you had already swam the mile to my heart.  If only I could catch your attention as well as you catch the water. The reason I couldn't say anything was because mustering the courage to talk to you was as hard as the last 50 in a 200 Fly. So now here I am hoping I can make the cut for your time standard. 

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I'm officially missing you.

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